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Clinical Director & Founder - Albert Potash MA, LMFT - Education: Antioch University

I have over 30 years of experience and specialize in working with adults who struggle with addiction to alcohol, drugs, porn, and gambling. I work with mostly adults and I am a member of CAMFT and certified as a Substance Abuse Professional, I also have an additional training hypnosis certification, and I am certified in integrated mind psychotherapy. I received my master's in Psychology from Antioch University. I look forward to working with you. License, certifications, & awards: Member of CAMFT and certified as a Substance Abuse Professional - Additional Training Hypnosis certification - Certified Integrated Mind Psychotherapy Therapist - Professional Activities and Memberships Long Beach/ South Bay Chapter of CAMF


Demographic: Adults: English - In-person 

Barbara Mignosi MA, LMFT - Education: Philips Graduate Institute

I have been a clinician since 2003, I specialize in substance abuse (I have many years of experience in the 12-step recovery program for addiction), anxiety, & stress management. I mainly work with adults in individual or group settings. I also have a connection to Catholic/Christian-based therapy. I obtained my master's in marriage and family therapy from the Phillips Graduate Institute. Together we can overcome anything. 


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Dianna Luna MA, LMFT - Education: Capella University 

I have a deep passion for helping children find their voices, and my 30 years of experience working with children reflects that. I have been a special day class instructional aid, youth group leader, vocational specialist, and even a religious educator. But as a therapist, I find it most rewarding when I help my clients break through and grow from their trauma. I also understand firsthand from my adoptive son that being a parent of someone with schizophrenia and on the autism spectrum can be hard. I am fully prepared to help guide those who have and are caring for someone with special needs. I specialize in child therapy along with anxiety, depression, and suicidal behavior. I’m currently working on my master’s in psychology with an emphasis on applied behavior analysis from Capella University. My therapy philosophy relies heavily on being eclectic and flexible. I create a specific therapy technique for each of my client’s unique lifestyles and personalities. Let me help you or your child find their voice again by creating a safe space through individual, family, or couples therapy. I will sit on the floor with your child and color. I will do what it takes to see the world from your point of view, and together we can build a strong mental health foundation.


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Cleo Young MA, LMFT - Education: Available Soon

I am pleased to announce joining The Effective Therapy Group. My practice includes kids (4+), as well as couples, and individuals. My work with individuals includes anxiety, PTSD (trauma), abuse, depression, grief, and life transitions. Transitions that include moving, divorce, change in health, and recovering from the past year’s health crisis, as well as being an addictions specialist. I have a great deal of experience working with people who suffer from poor self-image, eating disorders, abuse, traumatic experiences, and the LGBTQ community. I have spent years helping clients with domestic violence as well as aging-related mental health concerns. What I offer is compassionate, person-centered care. My training and modalities include various holistic approaches (i.e., brain-gut axis, vagus nerve activation, homemade anti-depressant), mind-body-spirit connection, and evidence-based paradigms such as neuropsychologically-informed cognitive behavioral therapy. I provide mindfulness interventions and somatic processes including bilateral sensory integration.


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James Stump MA, LMFT - Education: Antioch University

Discover your potential beyond stress and anxiety. In a world filled with pressure and unhappiness, I'm here to guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Whether it's work, family, relationships, or financial burdens weighing you down, I offer counseling services to help you navigate through these challenges. Together, we'll uncover your innate abilities and God-given talents, empowering you to not only thrive personally but also make a positive impact on those around you. Through proven techniques and personalized support, I'll assist you in releasing emotional barriers and embracing your true potential. Don't let busy schedules or life's obligations hold you back. Investing in yourself is essential, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let's journey together towards a happier and more fulfilling life.


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Renee Rios MSW, LCSW PPSC - Education: University of Southern California

I possess a passion for helping others along their life's journey. In my work, I arrive with sincerity, humility, optimism, and professionalism. My purpose is to hold a safe space--- removed from judgment and bias--- to facilitate healing, growth, and transformation, so one can fulfill their life's purpose. I serve infant, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations through an intersectional approach to client-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed, culturally-attuned, evidence-based, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapeutic interventions. Individual, couples and family therapy is available. I provide a range of services including crisis intervention and ongoing therapy; clinic-based and Telehealth services; addressing issues including anxiety, depression, grief/loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment, maternal mental health (preconception - postpartum), intimate partner violence (domestic violence), suicidality, substance dependency.


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Dr. Tyies Brown PsyD, LMFT - Education: University of Phoenix & The Chicago School

Has life been challenging to navigate? Has past trauma, recent stressors, or unexpected life changes caused emotional discord or familial conflict(s)? With professional help, change is obtainable. If you are ready to see change and do the work required to break free from these past experiences, and recent life events, or even to shake the impact of 2020... NOW is the time. You deserve freedom from the cycles of those unhealthy relationships, an improved sense of self, and an opportunity to journey forward in a way that is congruent with your perception of happiness! Invest in yourself today through positive psychology. Dr. Brown understands the importance of a collaborative approach to therapeutic goals, resolve, and healing. Dr. Brown is trained in CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic work, Mindfulness, and Desensitization, & believes in a strength-based, positive psychology, empowering, yet evidence-based approach to mental wellness. If you are ready to collaborate with Dr. Brown and learn how you can improve your ability to self and emotionally regulate... contact her now as availability is limited. She is knowledgeable, and compassionate, and enjoys taking part in improving the lives of those she works with! Call now to begin your journey to "better"!

Victoria Zal

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Victoria Zal MA, LMFT - Education: Antioch University

You matter! Love, communication, and compassion will save the world. I would love to assist you in making your relationships succeed. Together we will uncover your beauty and resilience. I would like to assist you on your quest to heal, understand, and find answers, as well as empower your positive growth. Besides my passion for relationships, couples therapy, psychology, art, and life I have personal experience with parenting, marriage, divorce, dating, couples issues, dealing with family members with ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, loss, immigration, not fitting in and much more.  I also do EMDR and work with those who have ASD. Contact (310) 746-7223 for a complimentary phone consultation today. 


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Jodie Marholz MA, LCSW - Education: California State University Dominguez Hills

Mental Health and Addictions field for over 21 years. In that time, I have helped hundreds of clients gain perspective and move out of their “stuck” place to a more fulfilling life. I do this by clarifying a client’s vision for themselves, the core values that give their lives meaning and purpose. Together we identify and then remove whatever thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that keep us stuck. Once we identify patterns, we can then improve relationships, careers, and relationships. No matter, the struggle, be it, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, or difficult relationships. I hope I can be the one who guides you to emotional well-being and change.


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Ayuja Dixit MA, AMFT - Education: San Diego State University

I grew up with Kathak (Indian Classical Dance) family that made my identity in my culture strong but often brought me confusion on social levels with my American identity. When I began my journey towards dentistry school, I quickly realized that it was not for me. How I navigated society by the way was raised in my community led me towards psychology even if I had only ever heard “you will never make any money” or “only crazy people need help”. I was good at two major parts of collectivistic culture talking and making community. School was always full of wins and fails that I was able to learn from which made me realize there are always other opportunities outside of school to get me into the world of mental health. My journey has gone from a focus on Domestic Violence to being an advocate, then a case manager, and then a therapist. I gained an interest in working with people with severe mental health because I saw them go on undiagnosed in my community. The common denominator I found myself passionate about was equity from all paths of life even if someone was labeled a perpetrator or victim to being homeless or having an addiction to having anxiety or depression. I stand proud for the Asian Indian/South East Asian/Indian American/LGBTIQIA+ community in hopes that the future will bring mental health awareness to the community.


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Joanna Garcia MA, LMFT - Education: Pepperdine University

Are you seeking support for yourself or your child? If so, you deserve to find the calm through the chaos of life's struggles. I am passionate about working with adult women who are looking to find their voice in the world, rebuild their sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and feel empowered to live their life to the fullest. In addition, I also work with children, teens, young adults, and couples. I have 7+ years of experience working in community mental health serving children, adults, and families involved with The Department of Children and Family Services and the Juvenile Justice System. I strive to have a compassionate, strength-based, and collaborative approach while providing a safe, validating, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment. I value client feedback to communicate what is working and what is not. I believe all clients are experts in their own lives and have the strengths and resources within them to overcome life's challenges.


Demographic: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families & Groups: English- In-person & Telehealth

Manon Goodrich MA, AMFT - Education: California State University Dominguez Hills

Manon earned her Master's in Marital and Family Therapy from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and has experience working as a therapist in community mental health, schools, and as a success coach in higher education. As a former dancer, Manon integrates somatic approaches into her work to help clients foster a connection between the body and mind.  Manon utilizes solution-focused and client-centered interventions to create an uplifting and motivating environment for change. She specializes in women’s issues, postpartum/pregnancy struggles, relationships, life transitions, and anxiety and depression.


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Kurt Sproul MA, APCC - Education: Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School

We all have stressors. The question is: “How do we cope?” The good news is there are many tried and true approaches, evidence-based practices (EBPs), to help you get better and do better … no matter what combination of troubles! After losing his son-in-law to addiction and suicide, Kurt decided to get a master's in mental health and substance use disorders and learn all he could. He learned how to treat the whole person with everything that is going on all at once. It’s called integrated recovery for co-occurring disorders. We are each uniquely complex and layered; and so are our disorders that combine with a synergy to give us our unique lack of ease or dis-ease. Anxiety or depression often co-occur with drinking or drugging even if the substance is not a problem. Recreational drinking may become a problem when it starts being used as a coping tool for some form of disease. Next, we may come to rely on it, and then it quits working for us, but we can’t quit drinking … or using it! YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK here! Find and grow your strengths while addressing any weaknesses. Explore your triggers to unwanted behaviors and learn how to translate that anxiety into creative growth. You are the expert on you. Start exploring who you truly are. Everyone deserves to be happy with their life, but only you can find and fulfill your purpose. Kurt helps facilitate that journey.


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Oscar Sandoval  MA, LCSW - Education: California State University Long Beach

Oscar Sandoval is a Spanish and English-speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a long history of working in mental health with the city of Los Angeles California. Oscar has a master's degree from Cal State Long Beach and is certified in Compassion-Focused Truama Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Oscar has been an instructor for those who suffer from domestic violence, perpetrators of child abuse, and marital counseling for those who have been given restraining orders. Oscars has an extensive background working with the youth population in the foster care system, juvenilia detention, on probation, and adolescents who struggle with substance abuse issues. Oscar is highly driven by his Christian faith and offers faith-based therapy as well (Christian/Catholic religion). When Oscar is not working he enjoys antique cars, spending time with his children, and gardening.


Demographic: Adolescents, Adults, & Couples: English & Spanish- In-person & Telehealth (Not seeing new clients)

Vanesa Nuñez, MS, LMFT - Education: University of Phoenix 

My family, my faith, and my culture are a big contributor to my pursuit of becoming a therapist, as I have seen mental health services go under-provided within my community throughout my life. I have spent the last year working at a Group Practice & the 6 years prior, I was working in community mental health; addressing the following issues: domestic violence, co-dependency, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, and, post-traumatic stress disorder. I work to build rapport with my clients and provide the best care possible. I serve adolescents and adults by providing services both in-person and via Telehealth.


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Jamie Kidd, MA, APCC - Education: Loyola Marymount University

From dealing with occasional depressive episodes to prolonged exposure to PTSD triggers, each individual deserves to have their story heard, their experiences validated, and their feelings understood. I want you to feel seen, safe and secure that there is a path forward. The most important aspect of therapy is making one aware that they are not alone in any of this; that in one way or another, we can relate to and learn from each other. I believe that everyone deserves to know and emulate their best selves, to heal from past wounds, and to move forward with clarity and peace. Through brief or prolonged therapeutic relationships, it is my goal to help you understand yourself and your thoughts and behaviors, and to aid in the reconstruction of your mindset to better suit a beneficial and positive life.


Demographic: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, & Families: English & Spanish- In-person & Telehealth

David Rivera, MS, AMFT -  Education: Pepperdine University 

With over 3 years of experience in providing counseling and therapy services, I am dedicated to helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. My background includes extensive work in non-profit settings, where I have supported clients from diverse backgrounds facing various mental health issues. I believe in a client-centered approach, tailoring therapy to each individual's unique needs and goals. Using evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based interventions. I empower clients to make positive changes in their lives. I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their thoughts and feelings, develop coping strategies, and work towards a more fulfilling life.

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